Nahshon Cook Clinics

Nahshon Cook is coming to Australia in September 2023 

7 - 9 September in Western Australia 

12 - 14 September in Victoria

Nahshon's Background and Philosophy

Nahshon Cook is an author, poet, and first generation horseman from Denver, Colorado. Nahshon graduated with a Bachelors of Sciences degree in Human Services from Metropolitan State University. As a horseman, Nahshon interests lay in working with horses with major mental, emotional, and physical training related trauma. He is the author of Being With Horses and Horses See Us As We Are. He lives and works out of his family’s farm in Parker, Colorado where he uses his background in classical dressage and rehabilitation to help horses and their people.

"When we accept that invitation, horses help people become human beings by teaching us how to listen as an act of love that has the power to hold space for hurt hearts to heal, and for healed hearts to grow in relationship with others in a life-giving way. " Nahshon Cook

Clinic Details

Western Australia

Date: Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th September 2023 (3 Days)

Venue: Brookleigh Equestrian Estate, 1235 Great Northern Highway, Upper Swan, WA

(Further venue details will be provided to participants.)


Date: Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th September 2023 (3 Days)

Venue: Quiet Oak Park, 1781 Romsey-Woodend Road, Romsey, Victoria

(Further venue details will be provided to participants.)

Clinic Format

Nahshon's clinics are suitable for riders and horses of all 'levels'. Nahshon is especially talented working with horses in need of physical and emotional / mental rehabilitation as well as those looking to refine their relationship to new levels. Your horse can be under saddle or in-hand (or both) during the clinic. The Clinics will commence at approximately 8.30am and finishing around 5-6pm each day.

The format for Nahshon's clinics are individual lessons (45-60 minutes) each day. There are 7 participant spaces available for each clinic. Our preference is for participants to attend the whole clinic (one lesson each day), however there is also an option to book one lesson with Nahshon. If you would like to participate in one of the clinics, please complete the clinic application form at the bottom of this page. Successful applicants will be contacted before the end of June 2023. 

There will be an opportunity for Q&A sessions with Nahshon during the clinics as well as a dinner and connection time with Nahshon on one evening of each clinic for participants and clinic auditors. More details will be provided closer to September. 

Nahshon works from a very heart-centred space and gives his all to the horses and participants while he is teaching. It is therefore very important to us to keep Nahshon's clinics as a safe and calm space for horses and participants. Along with venue restrictions, it means we have to cap auditor numbers. Don't delay booking your auditor ticket if you wish to secure your place!  We expect Nahshon's clinics to fill very quickly given the enormous expressions of interest we've already received. Once places are full, we will create a wait list should additional places become available. 

Clinic Fees

(Fees are shown in $AUD and include GST)


2 Lessons: $899

1 Lesson: $450


1 Day Auditor Fee (WA and VIC): $110

What people have said about Nahshon's Clinics

Nigel and I had the most wonderful long weekend away at the Nahshon Cook Horsemanship trauma, rehabilitation clinic, working through the human to the horse. Seeing wonderful transformations in such a short space of time was unbelievable. Nahshon you truly are craftsman and so humble and honest. It truly was a pleasure and inspiring experience for me. Thank you for sharing yourself.
I’m so pleased I did travel to see Nahshon as he was better than I ever could have imagined. Clearly he has the gift. I asked Nahshon a question – If there were to be a theme for you from this clinic, what might that be? He thought a moment and answered – “the world is small and love is big”. I loved being an auditor as I got to see so much – each lesson was a one-on-one and in most cases Nahshon ended up riding the horse to feel the issue and to give better feedback. Horses loved him. Hardly a session when auditors were not in tears from the transformation.  - Jane
It's been a few days now since Nahshon Cook's clinic and I am still struggling to find words to describe a transformational weekend. I am still processing what happened and the "miracles" that took place in front of our eyes! I have been with my horses this week with a more open heart and our connection feels softer, I'm not sure how to describe it. A softer movement is emerging when riding and I'm beginning to feel more connected to their movement through my body. I thought I was feeling it before but now it's even deeper. Nahshon said let the horse move your body and we won't have to train so much because it will just come. Oh crikey did I feel that in my lesson with the leg yield over the poles! Boy did Kaitiaki give me feedback too! Nahshon your holistic awareness of horse and human, and how you transform that into words that we could hear was fantastic! Once I softened my ask, stayed centred and truly relaxed in my mind and body, it was so much easier for both of us! I love your analogy that riding should be seductive, sexy! You really helped me realize I needed to speak so I could be heard, see and feel my body, surrender to it instead of trying to control. The mind blowing change in Kaitiaki in just one hour, then holding that through to the next day was huge..........I'm not sure there a words to truly describe it! - Kelly

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Nahshon's Books & Interviews

Being with Horses Book

In Being With Horses, Nahshon Cook shares with readers, his alternative universe where horses are magicians, miracles-makers, and healers teaching him how to help his students quiet their minds enough to re-awaken their intuition.

With simplicity and inspiring wisdom, Nahshon Cook explores how being with horses can help people learn to find the little pieces of beauty in the broken moments of joy that keep us grounded in life enough to make life worth living.

When not always being OK is OK, people are able to grieve and also sing and dance and remember and offer their own two human hands to the collective piecing together of a more wholistic hearts-space of consideration and healing for ourselves, each other, and all life in the earth.

When we acknowledge how much of our lives horses hold for us, we realize how much horses have to teach us about ourselves. Horses See Us As We Are is an exploration of the incredible, grace-filled invitation that horses are always extending to us when we allow them to be more than jet skis with heartbeats that are just ridden around for fun. Horses are worth more than what we pay for them.
When we accept that invitation, horses help people become human beings by teaching us how to listen as an act of love that has the power to hold space for hurt hearts to heal, and for healed hearts to grow in relationship with others in a life-giving way. 

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