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9 - 13 May 2022


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Apply classical training principles to modern horsemanship to build your horse‚Äôs foundation for life-long soundness. 

What Challenge Participants Say

Nadine & Tessa

Challenge Participant

The AMT philosophy resonated with me straight away. I had been looking for a while for the right trainer to appear. When I took part in the 5 day challenge I was convinced I had found the right people for me and my mare. I really appreciate AMT's in depth understanding of our equine friends and commend them for putting in so much effort to gain such deep insight. The three key things I learnt are 1) Becoming a much clearer communicator, 2) Setting boundaries and 3) Unblocking my horse's mind.

Helen & Rocky

Challenge Participant 

Thanks Andrew and Maike for putting the 5-day challenge together and this video to address questions and flesh things out. I didn't watch live but have found it really interesting and instructive.

Love your horse-centred approach, which is balanced, kind and practical - teaching them and us in a gentle, clear manner.

Sabine, Bindi & Joe


Thank you for these wonderful 5 Days of Deeper connection with my horses. So much to take in, revisit and most of all enjoy.
Will be going back and forth to the many exercises the AMT team shared so generously over the last days.
Amazing how much difference it makes, when I tune in more to the subtle chances in the horses posture, movement ...
Scary how easily I would overlook them, just because I thought I have to get to that particular outcome in that set time frame.
How wonderful is it instead to spend time together with my horse enjoying every moment and... before I know it... we achieved this amazing connection. A steppingstone from which we can move forward with ease.

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