5 Day Horsemanship Intensives

Do you dream about making some REAL progress in your horsemanship journey in a safe and supportive environment? Where you can focus fully on your horse and get help working through any little gaps or issues that may have crept in along your path. Or do you have a young horse that you want to set up for success right from the start?  Come and join us for our special 5 Day Horsemanship Intensive at AMT. You’ll be able to enjoy some special time with your horse, gain new awareness and skills, along with a like-minded community.

Upcoming dates in 2023

  • Fri 6 to Tues 10 October 2023 

There are 6 places available for each date.

Here is what we have planned:

Foundation Groundwork

On day one we will check in with each horse and handler to see where everyone is at in building their foundation. This will involve some 1 on 1 sessions and working together as a group.

Conformation, Posture and Biomechanics assessment of each horse 

When we work on the ground, we automatically check for any weaknesses and compensation patterns in the horses and we’ll explain exactly what we’re looking for and how to start addressing this in each horse.

In-hand cavesson work

We will introduce participants to working with the cavesson and you’ll get to practise exercises that will specifically help your horse to strengthen and improve its posture.

Ridden work

For those ready to ride, we will work through the foundation training principles under saddle and identify the key areas for each horse and rider combination to focus on. We’ll introduce you to lateral movements form a classical perspective and how to use your body (rather than your reins!) to communicate with your horse.

Rider posture and feel

We'll give you the chance to REALLY feel how your body and movement affects your horse by showing you how to ride bareback in a Deer hide (for those ready to ride). We'll support your horse from the ground while you get to focus on your own body. 

Riding with the Garrocha

This is a great way to test and improve your seat and leg aids and heaps of fun. We might also get the rubber swords out for some friendly sword fighting on horseback and the giant soccer ball for some extra fun.

Holistic Horse Health

Dr Maike Turnbull will share information and practical sessions on holistic horse health topics. These may include assessing each horse's nutrition, the 5 Element Constitutions, gastric ulcers, equine first aid, etc. Participants get to choose! 

Things you'll have the opportunity for during the 5 Days:

Here are just some of the things that are included in our intensives. 

Theory Discussions

Each day we’ll have a 1-2 hour informative ‘theory’ session covering different topics of choice, including holistic health, tack, biomechanics and welfare, etc. 


Watch Andrew do training sessions with horses currently at AMT for starting and training and our own horses including our Lusitano foal and stallion.

Holistic Health

Holistic health advice for your horse with Maike (Holistic Veterinarian) on topics such as nutrition, first aid, natural remedies and more.

Try new equipment

Try riding in a hackamore, try out riding in a DP Baroque saddle, Vaquero saddle, Deer Skin, etc. 

Rider Mindset

Rider mindset and confidence coaching session where we dive into the subconscious mind. 


Connect with like-minded horse owners and join in some delicious meals and campfire chats (fire season dependent!)

What recent participants have to say 

Carol & Rocky Horse owner & clinic participant

Andrew was happy to explain anything participants asked

I attended AMT’s 5 day intensive in March. A key thing I took away was the importance of the horse's stride. Andrew was happy to explain anything participants asked and gave helpful examples to ensure understanding. Andrew always readily gives positive feedback and good pointers for improvement.

AMT is the place to go for advice and to learn from experienced, knowledgeable, and caring horse people. And to have fun!

Michele & Whisper Horse owner

The clinic was for me a perfect balance of everything.

I recently attended AMT's 5 Day Horsemanship Intensive. My key take aways were that 'less is more', how loud I have been in my communication with my horse and the importance of finishing on a good movement by my horse. I found the all aspects of clinic very interesting. I also realised how important our balance and movement as a rider is and how it can affect and influence the horse's movement. The deer skin ride was so good to feel the horse's movements. The thing I enjoyed most about the clinic was AMT's holistic approach to the horse and human as one and how we can work together as one. Also information about the horse's posture and how injuries can occur. The clinic was for me a perfect balance of everything. It was a great, holistic approach that helps you understand the basis of horsemanship. Also being able to watch Andrew do demonstrators with 'problem horses' he had in training was so good compared to how it would be just hearing about how to manage some behavioural and training issues.

Uta & Spidey Horse owner & clinic participant

I loved the relaxed format.

I recently attended AMT’s 5 Day Intensive with my QH horse Spidey.

What I enjoyed most about the 5 days was the interaction with everyone and getting to spend heaps of time with my horse where I wouldn't otherwise. I loved the relaxed format.

A key thing I took away was discovering that my body language at times confused my horse. And I also discovered my horse will let you know quite loudly when he's upset. I was so happy about the way the horses were given a voice and we, as riders/handlers were given the tools to listen to them.

To be able to participate in a clinic hosted by the AMT Equestrian team is definitely worth it, doesn’t matter how much you think you're on the ball. Between the physical interactions with your horse or the nutrition/holistic treatments or the goal setting of where you'd like your horse and you to be in the future, it's just great for a horse owner to either gain more knowledge or recap or learn something completely new.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat dependent on having the leave from work available to me!

Michelle & Franklin Owner

Amazing opportunity to spend quality time with my horse

I attended AMT's 5 Day Intensive in September 2022. The number one thing I learnt was to remember to take my time and not rush when I'm working with my horse. I loved that we had time to practise what we had learnt and the ability to ask for help whenever it was needed. I also really enjoyed the chats about nutrition and holistic veterinary things. It was an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with my horse, with knowledgeable coaches to help in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic.

How the days will run

The order of events will be a little weather dependent (ie. if it’s hot or raining) but the plan is to start with a chat each morning over your favourite hot beverage and check-in with where everyone is at, takeaways from the previous day, etc. 

Then we’ll have either 1 on 1 sessions or work together as a group for a few hours with the horses.

Over lunch we will have our ‘theory sessions’ with a new topic each day.

In the afternoons is an opportunity for you to practise on your own with your horse, come for a trail ride, watch some training sessions with other horses or just relax with your horse. There may also be some catch-ups in the afternoons for 1 on 1 sessions. We want to keep the afternoons a little more relaxed and casual and will adapt depending on what the group needs and wants. 

The Logistics - FAQs

Where will my horse stay?

Your horse will be provided with a yard for the duration of the 5 days (there’s no extra cost). You can bring your own hay or purchase from us. There’s plenty of float parking available.

Where will I stay?

For those participants who don’t live nearby, you’re welcome to camp for the 5 days on our property (power, toilet, shower, fridge and microwave are available) or we can put you in touch with some local BnBs. If there are a few participants looking for accommodation, a shared Aid BnB nearby may be a good option. Let us know when you sign up what your accommodation preference is.

What are the start and finish times?

We’ll start around 9 am each day and wrap up the day by around 4-5 pm (afternoons will be casual)

Are meals provided?

We will provide tea and coffee and some healthy (and some not so healthy but yummy!) morning tea. You will need to bring your own lunch each day or we can arrange some shared catering lunch/runs each day. We plan to have a shared evening meal on one or two of the nights. More details will be provided.

Can I bring more than 1 horse?

Yes, you can bring 2 horses if you like. Please contact us first to make sure that we will have sufficient yards available. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your booking for a genuine reason (for example if your horse is injured) we will offer you a credit towards our next intensive or towards any of our other clinics or services. Your credit is valid for 12 months. In the event that we cancel the intensive, you will be given the option of booking into another date, receiving a credit or a refund. 

Your Investment

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(only 6 places available for each date)  

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Pay in 3 monthly instalments.

(only 6 places available for each date)  

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