We offer a range of horsemanship services to suit your needs. Being able to help horses lead a happier, healthier life and helping people find joy and fulfilment with their horses is what gets us jumping out of bed every morning. We believe every person and horse is on their own journey and there is no ‘system’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach that is suited to everyone. You will therefore be greeted by an individualised approach if you choose to work with us. Whether you would like some support to clarify your goals and dreams with your horse or you are seeking specific help and advice, we are happy to take the time to discuss your needs.


We offer private, shared and group lessons. Whether you want to work on your groundwork skills, work through problems you are having with your horse or advance your riding to a higher level - we'll find a way to help you. Lessons are available on our property in Gidgegannup or we can travel to you.

With your Horse

Private lessons are a great way to receive the support and structure required to succeed on your horsemanship journey. We don’t just teach horsemanship, we care about what is important to you and your horse. 

We offer groundwork, in-hand and ridden lessons in our purpose built 80 x 40m arena or we can travel to you. We will help you find what to focus on with your horse when you are on your own. 

On our Horses

We have well trained school horses available to teach on. Our horses are trained to work off the rider's seat and legs and you will learn to rely more on your body and less on the reins. 

We offer lunge lessons where you can focus on your balance and riding skills as well as groundwork, in-hand and riding lessons. 

Kids are welcome (10 years old and over)


We  offer a variety of horse training services, tailored to your needs. We keep you closely involved to ensure long term benefits and learning for both you and your horse. If you'd like to enquire about sending your horse to us for training, you can find more info HERE

Many riders have big dreams for their young horses. It's important to understand that a horse who has been started under saddle will not become a reliable schoolmaster overnight. The start is exactly as the name suggests, a ‘start’ to the horse’s learning under saddle. Having a horse accept saddle and rider and basic aids is generally the easy part. Doing this with the horse being relaxed and confident is more challenging. It is the consistent and clear training that follows that will build on the foundation and understanding by the horse to become willing and soft under saddle.

For more information about training options for your horse and our prices check our Training Enquiry page.


Having a horse that leads well and has good ground manners is paramount for safety and to build a quality relationship with your horse. Most problems start on the ground and having a solid foundation on the ground with your horse will allow you to progress much more safely and easier under saddle. Groundwork not only builds a horse’s confidence and softness it is also vital to help the horse to use its body in a bio-mechanically correct way in order to encourage self-collection and lifetime soundness.

In-hand Training 

Once a horse has a basic groundwork education established, that is, it can softly follow a feel, it is important to now focus on building the horse’s core strength and fitness for soundness. Poor body posture, tension and incorrect motion sets a horse up for a lifetime of soundness problems and pain that often result in behaviour and training problems later on. We care about a horse’s long-term welfare and soundness and incorporate in-hand training for all of our horses. It is also a fun way to work with your horse.

Early Education 

The ‘Start’ is the most important aspect of a horses “working” life. How the start is presented will influence a horse’s attitude, trust and willingness to learn and ‘try’ throughout its life and ridden career. The building of a strong foundation is pivotal to having a responsive, connected horse that is willing to learn. Early education involves everything from leading, tying up, float loading and being used to different environments to eventually saddling and riding. A lot of preparation can be accomplished before the first ride to ensure the horse is happy and confident.

Starting under Saddle

How your horse is started under saddle will affect and impact him for life. It's therefore one of the most important decisions that you can make as a horse owner. A solid foundation under saddle is essential whatever discipline or riding style you ultimately choose with your horse. A key focus that differentiates us from many other trainers is our focus on ensuring that horses carry themselves in a healthy posture right from the start of their ridden career. And we place more emphasis on relaxation and positive experience for the horse than speed of advancement.

Problem Solving

The reality is that horses need to get along with their owners in a domestic environment to avoid being passed on from home to home, or end up at the knackery. It is not unusual to come across an issue with your horse. By seeking assistance to determine both the cause and possible solutions to the problem you often avoid developing negative ingrained behaviours in your horse (which are much harder to ‘fix’ in the long term). Not only does resolving behaviour problems help your horse, it also helps to keep you safe.

Clinics & Events

We teach a number of different clinics and events throughout the year.

Groundwork & Young Horse Days

Our groundwork days build a solid foundation on the ground with your horse which allows you to progress more safely and easier under saddle. Groundwork builds a horse’s confidence and softness and is also vital to help the horse to use its body in a way that contributes to lifetime soundness. We also play fun games with the horses and get them used to ‘scary’ objects. Read more...

Ridden Foundation Training Days

In this clinic your learn the tools you need to communicate softly and safely with your horse under saddle. It’s perfect for building confidence in you and your horse. Whether you have a young, green horse coming on or you want to consolidate your foundation ridden training with your horse. You will be able to refine your skills and take your horsemanship to the next level. Read more...

Cattle Working Clinics

Working with cattle is a fantastic way to train your horse. It gives your riding and training a purpose and horses become very focused on the task. The way we work with cattle is very different to what you have probably seen from other trainers. All horses are able to participate in our cattle working clinics. Read more...

Hackamore (Bitless) Riding Clinic

The traditional hackamore (made from a rawhide ‘bosal’ and ‘mecate’ (aka reins) is an amazing tool to improve and soften communication. Many horses who struggle to be happy and forward in a bridle, undergo an amazing transformation in the hackamore. Like any tool, it requires knowledge and skill to use correctly. Our hackamore days are a great way to determine if it's a useful and safe option for your horse. Read more...

Mechanical Cow Clinic

The 'Mechanical Cow' is exactly as the name suggests - a look-alike motorised cow that is operated by a remote along the fence line.'Betty', as we like to call our cow, is fantastic for helping horses develop focus, forward movement, stops and turns. She's also great for helping spooky horses become more confident about novel, sudden moving objects in a controlled environment. Read more...

Garrocha Clinics

The Garrocha, is a long pole that is traditionally used by the Doma Vaquera (Spanish Riders) who have developed it into an art form. Riding with the Garrocha is useful for improving horsemanship skills and enhance harmony between horse and rider. It's the only tool that will tell you ho accurately you really are riding those circles! read more...

Advanced Education

Going beyond foundation training

Developing self-carriage and finesse

Once a horse has a basic foundation established, it's time to introduce lateral movements such as shoulder-fore, shoulder-in, haunches-in (travers), haunches-out (renvers), leg yield, side-pass and half-pass. These help to develop self-carriage, healthy posture and suppleness in the horse. 

Other movements that we introduce as horses advance in their training include spanish walk, piaffe, passage and levade to increase the horse's strength and stability through the haunches.

As part of our advanced training, we carefully select tack and training tools that work best for individual horses based on their conformation and preferences. Tools we use include the Cavesson (for in-hand and under saddle), the California-style Hackamore (Bosal and mecate) and a variety of different bridles and bits if required to find the most comfortable tool that facilitates soft communication between horse and rider. 

We use various styles of saddles including traditional Baroque, Vaquero and Dressage saddles, again depending on what works best for the individual horse.

Advanced training includes not only schooling but also plenty of trail riding and exposure to experiences such as working with cattle, mechanical cow and attending clinics and Working Equitation training days.

Do you want to advance your horse's education?  Could you horse benefit from a period of thoughtful and careful schooling and new experiences?  Would you like your horse to work with some of the world-renowned clinicians that we host? 


Andrew coaches a variety of classes for Adult Rider Clubs, Natural Horsemanship Clubs and Groups and Working Equitation Clubs. One of the keys of Andrew’s coaching is weaving in solid horsemanship principles and healthy bio-mechanics for the horse into any discipline. Classes range from groundwork, in-hand work and lateral movements, to green and advanced pole classes, learning footfalls, trail riding confidence and mechanical cow.

Working Equitation is a great and fun way to build the horse and rider’s partnership. Andrew regularly coaches Mechanical Cow classes for beginners to advanced riders as well as one day Cattle Working Clinics where riders can safely introduce their horses to working with real cows and advanced riders can hone their skills.

Andrew was awarded COACH OF THE YEAR by Brookleigh Working Equitation Club in 2020

Horsemanship Equipment

Good quality equipment that is safe, effective and long lasting is an important asset on your horsemanship journey. Investing in quality products saves money in the long run and greatly enhances the comfort and communication with your horse. We have gone through many trials and errors over the years to find quality products. Some of our favourite equipment and products are unfortunately not made in and difficult to source in Australia.

As we are often asked about the equipment and products that we use, we started importing some of these items in order to make them available to our clients. You can find out about our equipment and products HERE. Everything that we sell are items that we personally use and recommend. We are also able to source custom made equipment, so if you have something specific in mind, give us a call.

DP Bückeburger Schooling Saddle

Visiting Clinicians

Since commencing our journey together in 2007, we have ridden and trained with many horsemanship trainers and clinicians from Australia and internationally to raise our awareness and skills. In order to meet and ride with some of these great horsemen and women, we began hosting clinics in Western Australia in 2010. The clinicians that we host are not discipline specific, but instead share a like-minded philosophy that is based on the relationship, empathy and long term health and soundness of the horse. The emphasis is on the journey and long term positive outcomes, not on quick-fixes. Clinics are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in new learning experiences, make new friends and build your relationship with your horse.