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Our Training Philosophy

We'd love to help you with your horse training needs. Like all relationships, it's important that we are a good fit. Before sending a horse to us for training, we'd like to share with you the following points which are the foundation of our horse training philosophy. We encourage you to come and meet us, watch us work with our own and other client horses or attend a lesson or clinic.

We believe that the horse itself is the best judge and advertisement for the trainer and it's important that you understand how we approach our training. A big part of your horse's training is your own education and progress which is why we also focus on helping you, together with your horse.

Horses are feeling and sensing individuals

Horses are individuals and we treat them as such. We will not treat your horse like a non-feeling and non-sensing machine and turn it into an ‘obedient robot’ that is ‘shut-down’ with no life left in it that you ride by pushing buttons.

it all starts on the ground

All horses who come to us receive a solid foundation on the ground before progressing to ridden work. This enables us to observe the horse’s individual learning style, start building softness and self-carriage for good posture and assess any potential lameness or biomechanic issues relating to conformation or past injuries. The time spent on the ground depends entirely on the individual horse and its progress.

Intention and body cues

We train horses with feel, timing and balance using primarily the rider’s intention, seat and legs to communicate with the horse (this is based much more on classical principles than modern training methods). If you are a rider who relies heavily on the reins to communicate with your horse you will need to learn this new way of communicating along with your horse in order for you both to speak the same language.

it takes the time it takes

We can only give you an estimate of ‘how long’ the training may take once we have gotten to know your horse, its current level of training, any problem behaviours / issues and your own skill level and experience. The minimum training time for which we take horses is 4 weeks.

We don't rush the start

If you are bringing a horse to us for starting under saddle we ask you to be involved in the process as much as possible (time and where you live permitting). Before starting your horse we need to know your level of skill, experience and confidence as a rider as taking on a green started horse is very different to riding an experienced horse. We do not offer a cookie-cutter 6 week horse starting approach. How fast your horse's training under saddle will progress depends on many factors, including prior preparation / foundation training, fitness and strength, etc. Our approach is slow and methodical and we work with you every step of the way. 

We are honest

We do not encourage green riders to take on green horses. This is because green horses require their riders to help them with confidence and good timing to ensure that they continue to develop into a great, safe riding horse after receiving a solid foundation. If we don’t believe that you and your horse are a good match we will be honest with you but if you are dedicated to learning along with your horse and it is possible to do so safely we will encourage you all the way.

Training Fees & Bookings

We offer short term training and long term agistment + training arrangements.

All fees include full board agistment with ad lib top quality meadow hay (other hay as required) and tailored hardfeed and supplements for the individual horse.  We have safe equi-mesh yard or shared paddocks available.

Our minimum time to book a horse for training is 2 weeks. For starting under saddle we recommend 8-12 weeks depending on the horse's level of groundwork / foundation training. Many owners choose to keep their horses with us for several months to create a solid foundation and advanced education. Our full terms of service and training agreement will be discussed when you book your horse for training.

We offer a weekly training and agistment rate or a tailored package. Our fees start from $180/week for agistment to $500/week for full time training, with lots of options in between. 

You also have the option to come and stay and learn alongside your horse. Contact us for more info.

Training Enquiry Form

Contact us by completing the below training enquiry form or call Maike on 0413038232 for more details and to discuss the best way we can support you and your horse. 

Tell us a bit about your horse. How long have you owned him/her? What have you done together so far? What training has your horse received to date?
What have you been doing with your horse? What is his/her level of training? Are you having any problems? If so, what have you done so far to try and resolve them?
What would you like to do with your horse? What are your dreams?
How much experience do you have with horses? Are you a confident rider? Do you get nervous? Are there specific things that you want to work on yourself?