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Good quality equipment that is safe, effective and long lasting is an important asset on your horsemanship journey. Investing in quality products saves money in the long run and greatly enhances the comfort and communication with your horse. We have gone through many trials and errors over the years to find quality products. Some of our favourite equipment and products are unfortunately not made in and difficult to source in Australia.

As we are often asked about the equipment and products that we use, we started importing some of these items in order to make them available to our clients. You can find our equipment and products available in our online shop. Everything that we sell are items that we personally use and recommend. We are also able to source custom made equipment, so if you have something specific in mind, give us a call.

Here are some of the items you can find in our online Shop

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Vaquero Saddles

Over the years we have learnt a lot about western saddles through many trials and errors, by educating ourselves and by listening to our horses. 

We recommend the following Saddle makers if you want a western saddle that will fit your horse without causing lumbar back pain when performing lateral movements and classical riding due to an excessively long tree. These saddles place the rider over the strongest part of the horse’s back and allow the rider to sit in a perfectly balanced seat with the legs directly under the seat (unlike most western saddles that push the legs forward and sit the rider further back)

McGowan Saddlery (USA)

McGowan Saddlery unfortunately has a long waiting list (about 8 years) to order a saddle. That tells you something about their quality!

Westman Vaquero Saddles (Czech Republic)

These Saddles are handmade in the Czech Republic. They are great quality and their service and shipment to Australia is very reliable. The waiting list is approximately 12 months.

Baroque Saddles

While we like our Western Saddles, much of our riding is based on classical principles and for this reason we have investigated the traditional classical Baroque saddles. They are lightweight and place the rider in the optimal riding position and are well suited for horses with wide backs and withers which are often difficult to fit in English saddles.

We are an authorised dealer for  Deuber & Partner Saddlemakers (DP)  in Western Australia. We  have available for trial in WA the Bückeburger Schooling Saddle – a modern saddle with a baroque look and feel exclusively developed for the “Fürstliche Hofreitschule” (Princely School of Riding Art in Bueckeburg, Germany).

This beautiful saddle is a reproduction of the original saddle that can be found in the “Marstallmuseum” at the School with a modern twist. Optically, this saddle will take you back to times of it’s historical forefathers, yet it’s functional and highly innovative construction will allow a perfectly balanced riding experience, a very deep seat that allows you to feel safe and cradled in and makes sure you are always sitting in the center of balance, optimal weight distribution to protect your horses back even on longer rides and allows you to give minimal riding cues.