Things People Say

"Andrew has done an excellent job with my young colt. Patient and firm, just what he needed. Love the way these guys have built on their knowledge and skills with really good mentors."

- Jodi & Warratah -

"As relative novice to the horse world after many years away from horses I found myself the owner of an OTTB and in need of a support base. Friends told me about AMT and how they have a refreshing approach to the training clinics they facilitate at their property. Since then I have attended three clinics at AMT and have thoroughly enjoyed them all but more importantly came away with some great learning outcomes. The vibe is relaxed and family like and Andrew and Maike are perfect hosts who really do everything they can to make you and your horses comfortable. They have great ethics underpinning the choice of trainers they choose for their clinics. Plus they try to match your needs and style with the trainer they think will be best for you. The facilities are great and the food awesome on group nights. If you are an experienced horse person or a novice AMT is a great place to go and learn good horsemanship. I give them a five star rating!!!"

- Steve & Diamond -

"I really enjoyed my lesson with Andrew. He is clearly a kind, knowledgeable and experienced horseman. I need help with my confidence in the saddle. My lesson was in a calm environment and Andrew’s guidance and interaction was at the right level and pace for me and my horse. I feel more positive already and intend to have more lessons with AMT."

- Carol & Rocky -

"Very proud to know Andrew and Maike Turnbull. Having attended several work shops with Andrew teaching and spent 6 days at Legacy of Legends sharing a house listening and watching both of them share their knowledge and journey. I love their commitment to horses and riders each other and continued learning and personal growth. Horsemanship is not about a trick to get the horse to do whats wanted its about addressing what goes on between the human and the horse. Supporting those who are able to ask the question in a safe nonjudgmental relaxed environment. My horse and I are blossoming. Thank you guys cant wait to see what the future brings."

- Cathy & Apollo -

"Maike and Andrews knowledge is exceptional. Always feel welcome and no question is ever considered silly. Andrew and Maike have helped me with my little pocket rocket."

- Jane -

"With a suggestion from AMT Equestrian I made the best decision of my equine life to date – to participate in a Steve Halfpenny clinic. To use a cliche “it changed my life”! The patience and understanding of Steve, along with his techniques, gave me the tools to give my horse confidence, and better educate him on his journey from racetrack to riding. The difference in my horse in just a few days with Steve was indescribable! The potential for my horse, the blossoming horse and rider bond, and the grounded approach of his clinic opened a window into my personal psyche highlighting some areas that could benefit from a review! My appreciation of both Steve Halfpenny, and Andrew and Maike from AMT Equestrian is enormous, and I look forward to the new direction of my equine future."

- Keryn & Mack -

"I recently took my young horse to a horsemanship day. AMT were fantastic and I highly recommend. It was my horses first outing ever and the support and welcoming atmosphere was great for her and I :) such a well set up business, property and extremely knowledgeable team of people!"

- Jemma -

"I first met Maike and Andrew Turnbull in March 2014 at a Martin Black Cow working clinic that they had organised. This was to be the first ‘away’ trip for my little horse Link by himself. He was no trouble whatsoever and I could have sworn he had done it before! The clinic was a great success and I met some lovely people, some of whom have become very special friends. I have since had the pleasure of riding at two Jeff Sanders clinics at AMT; November 2015 and 2016. I have found his way of teaching, based on the skills of the California Vaquero both beneficial to the horse and rider. His ease of explaining and breaking down instructions for a variety of movements, including lateral work to further the training of myself, and my horses in working towards self-collection to be easily understood. I have noticed a significant improvement in my horse and horsemanship skills. I was also present at a Lameness and Pain Workshop in August 2015 consisting of lectures and practical demonstrations conducted by two veterinarians and an equine sports masseur. I found the workshop very informative. When the opportunity arises again I highly recommend you attending. Thank you so much to AMT your place has a lovely friendly atmosphere with great facilities. You are both fabulous people!"

- Kathryn Link -

"Maike and Andrew are the most friendly,supportive, approachable team. I’m a beginner rider who has been welcomed into the horse community with open arms. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and resources."

- Kate -

"I highly recommend Andrew and Maike, they are amazing people. I am very fortunate that I have had Andrew at my place in Bali two times to progress my partnership with my horses. Andrew’s manner in which he helps humans better understand horses is something that Andrew is exceptional at. I am so thankful for both Maike and Andrew’s support is my horsemanship journey. Thank you Maike and Andrew."

- Natalie, Bear, Pippa & Magic -

"I attended a Horsemanship Development clinic, and it was absolutely amazing with what knowledge I came home with! Thank you Andrew and Maike for a wonderful day!"

- Dimmittee -