Bückeburger Schooling Saddle

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While we like our Western Saddles, much of our riding is based on classical principles and for this reason we have investigated the traditional classical Baroque saddles. They are lightweight and place the rider in the optimal riding position and are well suited for horses with wide backs and withers which are often difficult to fit in English saddles.

AMT Equestrian Services is now an agent for Deuber & Partner Saddlemakers (DP) in Western Australia. We have available for trial in WA the Bückeburger Schooling Saddle – a modern saddle with a baroque look and feel. The “Buckeburger Schooling Saddle” is a beautiful reproduction of the original saddle that can be found in the “Marstall Museum” of the Princely School of Riding Art in Bueckeburg, Germany, with a modern twist.


Optically, this saddle will take you back to times of it’s historical forefathers, yet its functional and highly innovative construction, will allow a perfectly balanced riding experience. A very deep seat that allows you to feel safe and cradled and makes sure you are always sitting in the centre of your horses balance. Optimal weight distribution to protect your horses back even on longer rides and allows you to give minimalist riding cues. Perfect for a rider seeking classical baroque training, who wants to be able to give their horse utmost comfort and who searches for balance and lightness in their training.

Fully adjustable tree width via our patented Allen Wrench system, from narrow to extra wide by the twist of an allen wrench, Ultra-Flex tree, standard Velcro panels thickness is 2 cm, various thicknesses available upon request.

Saddle Features

Saddle Tree: Ultra-Flex-Tree with fully adjustable gullet. Leather tree available (upcharge).
Saddle Leather: Havanna, Black, Natural, Chestnut Smooth Leather
Seat Leather: Black, Brown, Cognac or Sand Nappa or Nubuck
Seat Sizes: S1, S2 & S3. See Information Page ​for sizing
Hardware: Brass or Stainless steel
Tooling: Full flower tooling or border tooling options available
Weight: 9 kg
Saddle Length: 54 cm (weight bearing length is less than this)
Saddle Flap Length: 44 cm
Girthing system: 2 long billets for use with a 2 buckle short girth (not included.)
Specialties: Velcro Panels, available in 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm or 4 cm thickness or Sheepskin covered. Standard panels are 2 cm Nappa leather.

Adjustable gullet width demonstration

Saddle Pricing

RRP from $5330

Saddle Accessories

These matching accessories can be purchased in a variety of colours and styles.

Ultra Flex Girth

Size: 1 (20.5”/52 cm approx) Size: 2 (24.5”/62 cm approx) Size: 3 (29.5”/75 cm approx) Size: 4 (33.5”/85 cm approx)

Colour Smooth Leather: natural, chestnut, havanna, brown, black
Colour Padding: sand, cognac, brown, black nappa.
Hardware: brass, stainless steel


Baroque Stirrups

Brass or Chrome

Width: 4.75″


Stirrup Leathers

Length: S (49”), M (53”), L (57”), XL (61”)

 Material: Smooth Leather with Nylon reinforcement
Color Nappa: natural, chestnut, havanna, brown, black
Hardware: brass, stainless steel