Quality Horsehair & Rope Mecates

Horsehair Mecates

Horsehair mecates are the traditional reins that make up a hackamore, together with a rawhide bosal as the headpiece. Horsehair mecates have a very specific weight and feel that assist with creating very soft and subtle signals to the horse. They are long lasting and durable. A new mecate can be prickly to touch but within a short time of use they become supple and smooth. The diameter size of the mecate should match the diameter of the bosal to create the best fit.

Rope Mecates

We also stock mecates made from 14mm double braided polyester rope. Our rope mecates are UV Resistant, fully washable, soft and durable, colour fast and ‘designed to drag through Australian Dirt’.

Items currently in stock

Below are our items that we currently have in stock. If you are looking for something specific please feel free to contact us for custom orders.

Our Horsehair Mecates are $253, Mohair Mecates are $310 and Rope mecates are $65