Horsemanship Flags

Light weight and durable

Horsemanship Flags have been used for years by horsemen such as Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. The flag enables the trainer to create energy in a controlled and directed manner, rather than having to touch the horse with a rope or stick. They are a great tool to assist in desensitizing young or green horses but as with every tool, the feel and presentation of the flag to the horse during training are important. Flags are a great training tool when used correctly.

The flag is mounted on a light weight handle which has some flexibility.We have two shaft styles available – stainless steel and carbon fibre. Both are lightweight with the stainless steel being slightly heavier than the carbon.

An important aspect of the flag is the material from which it is made. Light plastic is not appropriate as this can rustle in the wind and create noise and therefore ‘energy’ when it is not directed by the trainer.

Our flags also come in a retractable handle style which allows them to be easily carried in the saddle. A handy tool when ponying or riding young horses. These flags are not as durable so for everyday training use we recommend the stainless steel or carbon fibre flags.

Flag Features

Fully welded tip ring (on stainless steel flag)

Retractable Pocket Flags

Silky, rip-stop taffeta

Silicon Rubber Handle (on stainless steel flag)

Stainless Steel and Retractable Pocket Flags

Find your favourite colours below. Retractable pocket flags are lighter than stainless steel flags and easily transported but not as durable.

We always have a range of great quality flags in various colours in stock.

Due to their length these flags are available for local pick-up only.

Flags are $88

Contact us to order.