Rope Halters and Leads

Great quality and feel

A good quality rope halter and lead are a fantastic communication tool for your horse. It is essential that a halter fits the horse correctly and is made from durable materials that are firm enough to enable precise communication but soft enough to ensure a comfortable fit.

We have tried many types of halters and leads over the years to find a suitable product that fits our needs. Many rope halters are incorrectly shaped with the nose piece being much too wide, causing the halter to move around on the horse’s face which can result in accidents when the halter gets caught in the horse’s mouth. Always ensure that your halter fits comfortably without being too tight or too loose.

Our lead ropes are 12 foot (3.6m) which is a great length for most of your horsemanship and groundwork needs. Longer or shorter ropes are available for custom orders.

Our lead ropes have a loop attachment for the halter with no metal parts. This ensures that there is no chance of injuring the very sensitive area under the horse’s jaw with a metal buckle and it allows for much finer, more precise communication than sending a feel through a metal clip.

A new version of our ropes has a special button attcahment which makes the rope easy to remove without having to loop the entire length of the rope through the halter (see image below).

Some tips on Halter fitting

Correctly securing a rope halter

The rope is connected with a loop without a metal clip

This halter is fitted INCORRECTLY and is much too large for the horse’s head

Custom colours available – contact us for info.

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