Bridles & Accessories

Leather Bridles 

Having a well fitting bridle, that is comfortable for your horse will enhance your communication with your horse. Our bridles are hand-made in Australia using high quality leather. Our bridles are made to order and will last you for years. 

Curb Straps

A lightweight curb strap is helpful when you ride in a snaffle bridle to reduce the movement of the bit when you are applying the rein aids. We always use curb straps when we are starting young horses and they are getting used to the feel of the bit. 

Slobber Straps (Rein Leathers)

Slobber straps are used to tie either a rope or horse hair mecate to a bridle. They provide an even feel for your reins. 

Rope Reins

Our rope reins come in a variety of styles and colours. You can choose from clip on reins with a swivel clip, plain ends (to use with slobber straps) or button knot ends. 

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