Interview with John Saint Ryan 

John is one of our wonderful mentors. John has had several successful careers, but horse riding was always an integral part of his life. Born in the UK, he taught martial arts for 27 years throughout Europe, coaching 12 students to become National Champions and was also elected Chairman of the British Thai Boxing Council. During that time, Saint Ryan rode horses recreationally, while also having a successful acting career, which included being a stunt double for Sean Connery, and co-starring with Heath Ledger in the TV Series 'Roar.'

In 1992, Saint Ryan moved to the United States and was introduced to the horseman Tom Dorrance, where his love for horse training flourished. Together, Saint Ryan and Dorrance created training DVDs including 'Greetings from Tom Dorrance', 'Feel, Timing & Balance and 'Visits with Tom'.

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John covers the following topics 

[1:19] John talks about his mentors Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Master Sken the Muay Thai master.

[5:6] John talks about listening to the voice deep down inside that guides you.

[8:44] John recounts the events that led him to meeting and learning from Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt

[19:06] John answers what things people should be really thinking about working on to advance their horsemanship?

[27:02] John explains why he published his book - A Voice for The Horse and what he hopes to help horse owners achieve with it.

[31:15] John answers Andrew’s question about whether he starts horses under saddle with a bit or bitless bridle.

[34:24] John talks about starting horses and mentions the four basic elements he considers essential for a horse’s foundation.

[39:41] John answers the question of what he considers the main problems are in the modern world with regards to training horses.

[44:04] John talks about the key horses in his life and events that have shaped him.

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