Horsemanship Lessons

Individual and group lessons available for all disciplines and experience

Ridden Lessons

We teach riders of all disciplines and experience the benefits of incorporating horsemanship into your riding


Groundwork is the foundation of good horsemanship and can greatly enhance your safety and partnership with your horse

Inhand Lessons

Learn how to teach your horse to carry itself in self-collection in a biomechnaically correct and healthy way

Horsemanship Lessons

AMT Equestrian are available to lend you a helping hand if you are striving for that soft and connected partnership with your horse and you want to feel safe and confident along the way. Horsemanship is a journey and you never stop learning.


Private lessons are a great way to receive the support and structure required to succeed on your horsemanship journey. We don’t just teach horsemanship, we care about what is important to you and your horse and an important part of private coaching includes goal setting and identifying any blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams with your horse.


Group lessons are a fun and supportive enviornment in which to build your confidence and skills. Invite your friends to join you for a horsemanship lesson and receive a group discount. Groups are kept to a maximum of 3 people to ensure that every horse and rider receive plenty of attention.


We host regular Horsemanship Development Days for all level of riders and handlers. Learn the tools you need to communicate softly and safely with your horse in a supportive group environment. Ridden places are limited to ensure plenty of one on one time with students so book in early each month if you would like to join us.

Mindset Coaching

Sometimes the greatest hurdles in a person’s horsemanship journey have nothing to do with a horse.

Negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, anxiety, lack of confidence and worry about not being ‘good enough’ are common issues that many riders battle on their  journey. These feelings can hinder learning and progress and take the joy out of life. Having a vision of where you are going and clear, achievable goals along the way help to shift your focus towards empowering thoughts and positive feelings. Sometimes all you need is a guidepost to set you back on track, other times subconscious blocks need to be recognised and transformed. We assist our clients in navigating these issues as part of our  teaching approach.


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