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Learn about our foundation training principles, listen to expert interviews and take part in the 5 Day Foundation Groundwork Challenge.

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In the last couple of years, we've created countless resources to raise awareness and implement a holistic horse training approach, where the horse comes first. We've recorded conversations with world renowned experts from classical training and horsemanship to biomechanics and holistic horse health. We've also explained the philosophy behind our 'Foundation Training Checklist' and created a 5 Day Foundation Groundwork Challenge for you to get started and refine your connection with your horse.

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Inside the Freebie Library You’ll Find:

  • Andrew explaining the principles and content of the Foundation Training Checklist.
  • Interviews and discussions with Belinda Bolsenbroek, John Saint Ryan, Sharon-May Davis and Dr Raquel Butler. 
  • 5 Day Foundation Training Challenge - easy to follow videos showing and explaining some of our foundation groundwork exercises. Record your wins in the accompanying workbook. 
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When I took part in the 5 day challenge I was convinced I had found the right people for me and my mare

The AMT philosophy resonated with me straight away. I had been looking for a while for the right trainer to appear. When I took part in the 5 day challenge I was convinced I had found the right people for me and my mare. I really appreciate AMT's in depth understanding of our equine friends and commend them for putting in so much effort to gain such deep insight. The three key things I learnt are 1) Becoming a much clearer communicator, 2) Setting boundaries and 3) Unblocking my horse's mind.

Nadine Boschetti Horse Owner & 5 Day Challenge Participant

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