Learn New Ways to Build a Confident and Connected Equine Partnership 

...from the ground up

Do you crave more connection, confidence and consistency with your horse?

Do you want to be part of a supportive, one of a kind community?

Never again lack motivation and confidence to be the leader your horse needs to feel safe and confident.

Do you want to up your skills to communicate with your horse in a way that builds your relationship whilst training for healthy posture and long term soundness?

Do you wonder what to do with your young horse before you start riding? What's your horse ready to learn? How much is too much? Too little?

Or do you wonder how to fix some of the missing pieces in your horse’s training – how to go back to strengthening your foundation?

After a long, busy day, it can be hard to find the motivation to go out and work with your horse. Especially if you don’t have a clear plan of what you could and should be working on.

You want your horse to have a solid smooth start and good foundation. You also want to keep it fun and interesting because at the end of the day, the most important thing is your relationship. You want your horse to trust and connect with you.

There is so much information out there about training horses, it can be difficult to work out where to start and what to focus on. It’s also easy to think “I’m not good enough to train my horse myself, I don’t have enough experience”. When you see trainers make it look so easy and effortless it’s easy to lose your confidence in your own ability.     

What if you could have clear guidance on how to progress you horse’s training? Would it help you to have the ideas and support of how to help your horse develop a solid foundation? In a way that’s easy to follow, doesn’t require hours of your time and actually makes sense….

Imagine what it's going to be like when....

  • You always feel motivated and inspired to go and be with your horse. 
  • You have an even stronger connection with your horse than you already have. 
  • You have a more solid understanding of the language you are both speaking. 
  • You have knowledge and confidence with groundwork that can translate into a  better relationship under saddle. 
  • You can use groundwork to help your horse use his body better to stay sound and comfortable. 
  • You have more insight into the 'technical stuff' that can feel overwhelming.  
  • You won't be holding your horse back because of gaps in your foundation. 
  • You've trained your eye to see posture and biomechanical correctness. 
  • You have a consistent plan to work towards in your training. 
  • You have the confidence to support a sensitive horse. 
  • Your horse becomes safer and more understanding.
  • You trust yourself to look after your horse's body, mind and spirit. 


the AMT Foundation Training Program

Connection - Confidence - Consistency 

The AMT Foundation Training Program will put the motivation back into your training. Rather than giving you hundreds of hours of training videos and overwhelming you with information, we will personally guide your journey of building your horse's foundation.

Whether you have a young horse and looking for ideas of what and how much to do in your training to prepare your horse for a long, sound ridden career. Or whether you have a ridden horse who's missing pieces in his education. You're looking for new ideas, confidence and knowledge to improve your communication and help your horse use his body in the healthiest way. 

The AMT Foundation Training Program will focus and accelerate your learning to save you years of making mistakes that can be detrimental to your relationship and your horse's long term well being. 

What people said when we tested this program

The skills learnt well matched where I am at

I definitely would recommend it to friends. I am very sensitive when it comes to my own learning spaces and at no time during this program did I feel unsafe. This has meant a lot to me and I am so glad that your intention is to maintain this sense of support. The skills learnt well matched where I am at, especially In the latter part of the program and I absolutely loved the way the videos were a mix of your ideas when it came to skills and requests from participants. It was a lovely dynamic conversation.

I love that this program put all aspects of horsemanship together.

This program taught me to be aware of my horse body expression. Do what it takes to have him calm and relaxed. It is likely to mean doing less challenging exercises in the session. For instance the mounting block, walk-trot, or trot canter transitions: don’t ask if the horse is anxious.

I love that this program put all aspects of horsemanship together. Building strong foundations on the ground and in riding but also focusing on teaching the horse correct biomechanics.

The set up of the program was so easy to use

The set up of the program was so easy to use and Andrew and Maike were so generous with the knowledge they shared. I especially like how Andrew draws from multiple incredible trainers and is happy to acknowledge where different philosophies come from, showing a love of learning and willingness to continue on his own journey and share that with us. He doesn't just do what he's always done which I believe is so important in a horse trainer.

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Here's What You Can Expect When You Join the

AMT Foundation Training Program

  • Motivation, new ideas and accountability to take your horsemanship skills to the next level. Be able to transfer your skills to any horse you work with. 
  • Build a solid foundation. Step by step support to ensure there are no gaps in your horse’s training - on the ground and in the saddle.  
  • Combine modern horsemanship and classical training. Be able to apply the best from both worlds to benefit your horse. 
  • Confidence and connection. Know you’re on the right path and have the support from others who understand your journey. 
Monthly Training Videos & Worksheets

Each month has a theme with videos to demonstrate the exercises and training principles to focus on for the month. There will be no ‘fluff’ or set-ups. You get to see real demos and honest results, not horses that ‘can do it all’ already. The videos are focused and info-packed and won't waste your valuable time. You'll also get a handy worksheet to print to help you take the lessons to your horse.

Live Q&A Sessions

There will be monthly live question and answer sessions where you can have all your burning questions answered. In addition, the live Q&A sessions will also cover common training problems and different ways of approaching them from a real life perspective. These sessions will be supported by bonus videos and teaching to focus directly on issues that have been raised by participants during the month. 

Supportive Community

Once you're enrolled you'll get exclusive access to our private Facebook Group. There you get to hang out in a great supportive community of horse owners dedicated to good horsemanship, sharing their passion. You can learn from other participants and share your own wins and lessons in an environment where you won't be judged or criticised for having a go and not being perfect. We'll also share a goal setting & check-in call at the start of each month.  

Feedback on your training

Want to know if you're on the right track with your training? Need some feedback on how you're progressing with the training exercises in the Program? No problem. You can share videos and photos of your progress in our dedicated Facebook group and receive direct feedback and suggestions to help you get the most out of the Program and advance your training. There will also be a monthly 1 on 1 coaching session that program participants can apply for.

Holistic Horse Health support

Our horses need to be healthy and happy to fully embrace their training. Each month we'll include an additional training on a horse health topic such as nutrition, anatomy and conformation, body work, soundness, complimentary therapies and many more. You'll be able to request topics that you'd like to learn about and participate in case studies. 

Guest Experts 

AMT Equestrian have access to some of the world's leading horsemanship, classical training and horse health experts. There will be exclusive guest appearances in the form of interviews and video training with some amazing mentors. You'll get the chance to ask questions and receive advice specific to you and your horse from incredible experts.    

Here’s what people are saying about AMT's Foundation Training


Friendly, supportive, approachable

Maike and Andrew are the most friendly, supportive, approachable team. I’m a beginner rider who has been welcomed into the horse community with open arms thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and resources.


Andrew helps train your eye

Andrew has a very relaxed and calm manner (as do many skilled horsemen/women), but differs from many in that he helps train your eye to really see what you are aiming for and is super encouraging to help you believe you can achieve results, in your own time as matched with the time needed by the horse I already have!


Learn from anywhere

Love that I am sitting in my paddock with my horses watching this.... awesome way to start the day????


How to read where my horse is at

What makes AMT Equestrian stand out is their ability to combine horsemanship and biomechanics of the horse and most importantly making sure the horse is in a good mental place. AMT has helped me learn more about how to read where my horse is at mentally and ensuring it is in a good, calm, willing place.


Balanced, kind and practical

Love your horse-centred approach, which is balanced, kind and practical - teaching them and us in a gentle, clear manner. I love 'reward the try' and 'do as little as possible and as much as necessary'.


Integration of classical/bio-mechanical conditioning

The main factor influencing me to choose learning with AMT Equestrian is the integration of classical/bio-mechanical conditioning and equine psychology (gleaned and distilled from mentors in a wide range of disciplines) into an approach that helps me learn to dance with my horses.

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Here's what we have planned for the Program


When and Where 

The Program kicked off in May 2022 with our founding members. When you join now, you'll get access to a dedicated online training platform and our private Facebook group where all participants can get to know and support each other. The Program is designed for progression over 12 months. 


Monthly Themes

Each month there will be a theme and you’ll receive step-by-step videos demonstrating the month's designated foundation training principles and exercises. You will be able to apply each theme on the GROUND and IN THE SADDLE. It will be fully applicable to young as well as ridden horses.


Questions and support

Everything is geared to creating a rock solid foundation for you and your horse. Every month there is also a live Q&A call where we answer your questions and provide feedback on your progress. In addition you can submit a request to receive a 1-on-1 online coaching session from which will draw a participant each month.


Additional value

In addition there will be a holistic horse health topic covered each month and important mindset and confidence strategies shared. And our guest experts will make surprise appearances!


YOU get to decide 

The most important part is - we will be building the Program with your input and feedback. That means, it will be tailored to exactly what is most important to YOU and YOUR HORSE.

Can you afford to miss out on this Program?

Of course you could spend the next 12 months training your horse on your own. There are hundreds of free horse training resources available on the internet.

The problem is not finding information about horse training, the problem is having that information presented in a way that you can apply it to your horse in your situation and get results.

Results to us mean that you are deepening your bond with your horse, that your communication skills get better and your horse is motivated and can understand what you’re asking. You work together with your horse as a team and your connection keeps on getting better. It takes less effort to ask your horse to respond to you and your horse gets softer and lighter to your cues. Your horse WANTS to be with you and enjoys your training without stress or anxiety. At the same time, your're learning how to train your horse's body for comfort, relaxation and long term soundness

We’ve helped hundreds of horse owners to achieve these results with their horses. If you apply what you learn you will be amazed how quickly your training can progress.

Sending your horse to a trainer to have foundation training will cost you more than $1000. And the problem is, you also need to learn these important horsemanship skills otherwise how can you maintain your horse’s training?

We normally charge $150 per hour for horsemanship lessons and $1000 for 5 Day clinics. By joining the Foundation Training Program you'll receive many hours of us teaching you the important foundation training skills step-by-step at a fraction of the cost so that you can master them yourself. 

You have the opportunity TODAY to secure the special Founding Member DISCOUNT.

When you join the Foundation Training Program today, your place will be locked in at this price for as long as you stay in the Program, no matter how much the Program price goes up in future.


Sign up for the special Founding Member price of $37/MONTH if you join before the price goes up.

or CLICK HERE to pay annually and save $50.00!

This is a small investment when it comes to setting yourself and your horse’s journey up for success. For less than the cost of a few hay bales, you can get started today to gain the knowledge and importantly, the support, to confidently build your horse’s foundation for life-long soundness. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

It matters to us that this Program makes an actual difference in yours and your horse's life, so we're offering a 30-day, no questions asked, money back GUARANTEE when you join with the one-off annual payment. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, just shoot us an email at info@amtequestrian.com.au requesting a full, immediate refund or a stop to your monthly payments.


You also get these BONUSES if you join TODAY 

The AMT Foundation Training Program will give you the skills and confidence to build your horse’s foundation. And there's even more! When you join today you also get these amazing FREE gifts.

Bonus 1
Horse Assessment Case Studies
Value = $150

We recently hosted an Open Day at AMT Equestrian where we showcased 6 different horses and recorded Andrew performing training, posture and conformation assessments on each horse.


You’ll get to watch and hear Andrew take you step by step through each assessment and explain what he is looking for and why. You’ll also get to see him apply some foundation groundwork training with each horse.

Included are a green 5yo Arab gelding, an 11yo TB with soundness issues, a defensive 10yo stockhorse, a 7yo Andalusianx Waler who is advancing in-hand work and Andrew’s own Lusitanos - 6yo Lilly being ridden and 2yo stallion Prestige working in-hand.

Bonus 2
Holistic Equine First Aid Workshop

Value = $100

Get FREE access to Dr Maike Turnbull’s Holistic Equine First Aid 2 hour online workshop.

Learn how to confidently manage the 3 most common horse health emergencies using a natural, holistic approach. The workshop covers colics, wound management and the most common causes of lameness - laminitis and foot abscesses.


You also receive a comprehensive first aid kit checklist, a 1 page colic guide to keep in your first aid kit and a Q&A session. 

Bonus 3
A simple system for checking your horse's body and well being

Value = $200

The most important tools you will ever need for helping your horse, you already have. Your hands and your senses.

In this BONUS training Fascial Release Therapist and Trainer Robyn Larson-Shelton from Equine Miracle shows you an effective and simple technique that enables you to quickly identify tension and pain in your horse.

Included is a LIVE Q&A session and additional training with Robyn that will take place within the AMT Foundation Training Program

About AMT Equestrian 

AMT Equestrian is owned by Andrew and Maike Turnbull who share a love and passion for helping horses get along better with humans and helping humans to become more connected, skilful and understanding with horses. Together Andrew and Maike have a unique skill set to empower horse owners with knowledge, skills and wisdom to deepen their relationship with their horse and progress on their horsemanship journey.

"Andrew loves helping horse owners bring out the best in themselves and their horses - showing them that they are in fact much more capable to train their own horses than they give themselves credit."

Andrew combines the art of horsemanship with modern science focusing on biomechanics and classical dressage as taught by the 'old masters' which has been largely lost in the modern world. Andrew works with an open heart, seeking that ultimate connection and feel between horse and human that lies beyond words. Each year Andrew rides and trains with world renowned horsemen and women and learns from other professionals to continuously build on his knowledge, skills and awareness.

Maike is a veterinarian and lawyer passionate about animal health and welfare. Driven by her desire to connect with and understand horses on a deeper level, Maike has combined her scientific and academic training with exploring consciousness and holistic healing philosophies. Maike uses her skills to work with and help horses holistically, focusing on harmony, balance and prevention on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

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Here’s what people say about Andrew


Horse Owner

 Talented, knowledgeable and compassionate Horseman

I have known Andrew Turnbull for two years as my teacher, friend and one of my horsemanship mentors. Over the past twelve years of my horsemanship journey, Andrew stands out as a talented, knowledgeable, hardworking, compassionate horseman. His passion and commitment to horses and their humans is outstanding, He supports and encourages people and their horses to be the best they can be using tools and information at an appropriate level. Andrew promotes great communication with your horse, and the lighter the better.

John Saint Ryan

Horsemanship Clinician, Mentor

 Balanced, kind and practical

Andrew Turnbull has a wonderful talent with horses. Not only as a trainer but as a person who cares deeply for the horses in his charge In today’s world there is so much emphasis on advertising hype and self promotion but unfortunately this does not always present the best care and consideration for the horse . Andrew has been working with horses for many years and has studied hard to gain the valuable insights and understanding that he has. Having said that, he continues to research and learn more as new concepts are discovered which promote more educational, humane and ethical ways of working with horses. This is why I highly recommend Andrew Turnbull.

So it’s time to make a choice!

If you really want to build a confident and connected partnership with your horse and train your horse for long term soundness, the first step is to be supported with the right information with a supportive community in the AMT Foundation Training Program.


Option 1: You could do nothing and keep trying to apply what you know on your own with your horse.

Option 2: Choose to invest in the AMT Foundation Training Program to get the confidence, knowledge and support to consistently train your horse, gain new skills and deepen your connection.

But Choose quickly

Because this special Founding Member investment won’t be available for long…

In fact, soon we will close the doors to the AMT Foundation Training Program for new members.
We will be putting all our time and energy into supporting our members and creating an amazing experience for them in the Program.
And the investment price of $394 for a whole 12 months (or $37 monthly) is the lowest price this Program will ever be! When we open it again in the future, the price WILL be higher. You will be locked in at the special founding member price for as long as you stay in the Program, no matter how much we raise the price as the Program grows in value. 


Do you have a question you still need answered before joining? Scroll down to find a list of common questions we’ve been asked.

If you don’t see your question, please email info@amtequestrian.com.au so we can help!

So, Let's Recap

Here’s WHAT YOU GET  when you join the AMT Foundation Training Program today… 


You need information you can trust, delivered in a way that's easy to understand and most importantly, to apply with your horse! That's what the training videos and worksheets will give you. 


You'll be supported with LIVE Q&A sessions, feedback on any photos or videos you share and the opportunity for 1 on 1 coaching sessions. 


You'll feel at home amongst like-minded horse owners in our private Facebook group where learnings (the good, the bad and the ugly!) are shared in a very safe and inclusive community.


You'll feel motivated to go out an play with your horse, even after a long day at work because you'll have the structure and clarity of what to work on. You'll also find inspiration from our amazing guest experts and regular mindset coaching sessions. 

This will be delivered via:

  • Monthly foundation training videos (groundwork and ridden)
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Printable worksheets and checklists
  • Access to private Facebook Group 
  • Holistic Horse Health training 
  • Mindset and confidence strategies 
  • Guest experts 
  • Opportunity for 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  • Feedback on your training 
  • Plus all the BONUSES

Total Value = $2000+

CLICK HERE to  Save $50.00 When You Pay Annually)

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about our foundation training approach.

Amy & Pira

AMT can provide a gentle, kind and knowledgeable approach to horse training. They are able to asses and give both horse and rider exactly what is needed in each moment. They have a deep understanding of horse health & biomechanics. The opportunities they are able to provide to help both horse and rider learn, connect and grow are almost endless.

Andrew has a gentle and soft approach with a wealth of patience for every individual and situation making each horse and rider feel safe and supported. AMT have given me the confidence and knowledge I didn't know I was seeking for so many years. They made me feel safe and included to learn and grow as an individual. AMT have surrounded me with like minded people and a growing community of people also seeking a more natural way of horsemanship.



Sign up for the special Founding Member price

or CLICK HERE to pay annually and save $50.00!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in the Program even if I'm not riding my horse?

Do I have to share videos of training my horse?

My horse isn’t started under saddle yet, will this Program be suitable for us?

Do I have to join for a full year?

What if I'm not on Facebook?

What if I don’t have time to work with my horse every day?

Can this Program replace the need to send my horse to a trainer to be started under saddle?

What equipment will I need for my horse to participate in the Program?

When does the Program start?

What if I want a Refund? 

A final note from us

We are really proud of this Program and are so excited to share it with you. We know it has the potential to change your way of being with horses in a really positive way.

We live by the motto that 'awareness is the greatest agent for change' and we want to change the world for horses by helping and empowering their owners. By becoming a better horseman or women and understanding how to train your horse, is the best gift you can give to your horse.

We look forward to our journey together!

Andrew & Maike Turnbull