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Dec 29
November 27, 2020 – November 30, 2020 all-day
AMT Equestrian
46 Lillie Road
Gidgegannup 6083 WA
AMT Equestrian Services
Steve Halfpenny Horsemanship Clinic - GIDGEGANNUP @ AMT Equestrian
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Steve’s Background and Philosophy

Steve Halfpenny is the founder of Light Hands Horsemanship, the principal trainer for horses that come to the Silversand Centre to be started or for re-training and also delivers the Light Hands Horsemanship Program. He travels extensively delivering clinics in Australia, NZ, UK and Germany.

Watch the Steve Halfpenny Light Hands Equitation Short Documentary here.

Steve’s specialist style of training is not discipline specific and can easily be applied to any form of riding.  As one of Equitana Australia’s successful trainers in the “Way of the Horse, Australian Horsemanship Challenge 2010” and last year, as one of the six trainers who took on a wild Waler from Central Australia as part of Equitana’s “Waler Legacy Program”, Steve has proven that with the right training, any horse can be a relaxed and willing riding partner.

In the creation of “Light Hands Horsemanship”, Steve has combined the knowledge gained from the many great horsemen who have provided him with inspiration, with his own experience and intuitive feel for the horse.  His key focus has been to find an easier way for the horse and rider to communicate, creating simpler ways of explaining horsemanship to people,  so that they can better understand the horse’s intrinsic nature rather than simply delivering a rote training program.

In recent years, Steve has identified that his training methods are extremely successful in helping dressage and competition riders achieve their goals. His training emphasis on a much lighter contact and responsiveness between horse and rider has initiated a new component to his training system, “Light Hands Dressage”. This technique is not only effective for dressage and high level competition, but is also highly beneficial for anyone looking to build their horse’s gymnastic ability, create softness in their horse and improve communication between themselves and their equine partners.

Steve is very approachable and happy to help students with their horsemanship though the Silversands online education system.

What to expect from a Steve Halfpenny clinic

Steve’s clinics attract riders from many disciplines, from beginners through to advanced riders and horses. There are a maximum of 12 riders and riders are split into two groups, each group participating for a morning and afternoon session. The clinic will run from approximately 8.30am to 5pm each day.

Steve’s clinics begin with ground work, which is beneficial not only for young or green horses but also for more experienced horses to check if the horse’s foundation training is solid and to help horses carry themselves in a healthy posture.

The clinic fee is $650. Yards and accommodation options available.

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Auditors are also welcome at the clinic. $30 per day or $100 for all 4 days.

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