Belinda Bolsenbroek Public Clinic

By maike

Dec 29
November 7, 2020 – November 8, 2020 all-day
Sunninghill Equestrian Centre
3010 Riley Road
AMT Equestrian Services
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Belinda’s Background and Philosophy

International dressage trainer Belinda Bolsenbroek is passionate about coaching in the art of horsemanship, helping rider to advance their riding and achieve their equestrian goals.

A fully rounded, logical, and transparent approach to horsemanship and dressage training, based on modern biomechanical knowledge and guided by long established principles from old masters such as Xenophon, Pluvinel, de la Gueriniere and Steinbrecht.

‘My passion is to educate horse and rider along the path towards the ultimate goal of unity. Working towards this goal I offer a training program that touches all aspects of horsemanship. I work in an academic way, making sure you truly understand the methods and ideas behind them.’

The highest achievement in horsemanship is the ability to gain control over the horse; to lead it without breaking its spirit and its pride; to make its spirit grow and to make it proud of the connection with its human leader. Through the control you have gained over your own movements and emotions and that of the horse, the two individuals becomes like one.

True horsemanship means a balanced, harmonious relationship between you and your horse, without insecurities or fear. Then there will be a force free partnership between you and your horse, that will bring pleasure and fulfilment, in which you will find and achieve your ultimate goals.

Naturally, horsemanship cannot exist without a solid foundation. This foundation consists of different parts, or ‘bricks’, that are all equally important. Only when they are all put together will you have a completed base. If you leave gaps and start building on only a few of the bricks in your foundation, somewhere along the way your castle will fall to pieces, or you will simply stop building. However, if you complete your foundation by using all the ‘bricks’ you will have a solid base in which you can trust and on which you can fall back along the journey you take with your horses. Then you will never lose balance and riding becomes a form of Art.

More information on Belinda and her philosophy can be found on her website:

What to expect from a Belinda Bolsenbroek clinic

Belinda offers clinics throughout Australia and overseas, with a mixture of practical and theoretical components. AMT Equestrian are proud to be Belinda’s clinic host for Western Australia. Riding positions are limited, and are offered via application only. Belinda primarily teaches private clinics to her Masterclass students.

When Belinda does conduct public clinics, Belinda tailors her approach to each individual rider and horse combination, and can help you break through any issue or plateau you are currently experiencing in your training, and allow you to advance to the next step. Though Belinda teaches riders at a Grand Prix and Haute Ecole level, riders of all levels that are looking to improve their riding and expand their knowledge are encouraged to apply.

As part of the clinic, riders will receive group tuition with all other clinic participants over a series of lectures, which cover the concepts and theories that underlie Belinda’s training methods. By riding in Belinda’s clinic, you may be selected to become part of a Masterclass group with Belinda. More information about this can be found on Belinda’s website.

Belinda also offers the opportunity during her public clinics to attend as a spectating student. The idea is to create a learning environment in which likeminded people can learn from each other’s challenges and successes. Belinda will focus on the individual riding students and use these encounters to illustrate her method to the audience. All students will take part in the lectures and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Upcoming Clinic

Belinda will teach a 2 Day ‘Art of Riding’ Public clinic on 7-8 November 2020 at Sunninghill Indoor Arena, Stoneville, WA

Rider positions are available on application. See link to form below.

As part of the clinic, riders will receive 3 individual one-on-one sessions of 45 minute duration with Belinda as well as group tuition with all other clinic participants (including spectators) over a series of lectures, which cover the concepts and theories that underlie Belinda’s training methods.

Lecture topics covered include a variety of subjects, including:

  • Theories and biomechanical knowledge underlying Belinda’s training methods
  • Diagrams detailing the purpose and correct performance of dressage exercises
  • The steps of training in logical order of progression – The concepts and uses of natural horsemanship and liberty work
  • Common training mistakes to avoid
  • History and evolution of horsemanship from ancient greek/roman times to the present day.

By riding in Belinda’s clinic you may be selected to become part of a Masterclass group with Belinda. More information about this will be provided at the clinic.

The clinic fee is as follows:

Participant (Ridden and/or In-hand) Clinic fee: $720

For stabling and accommodation during the clinic please book directly with Sunninghill Equestrian Centre, Ph 9295 4176 Mob 0407 384 794 or email

Spectators are welcome but only a limited number of seats are available. Tickets are as follows:

  • $145 for both days
  • $95 for Day 1 only
  • $65 for Day 2 only
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Complete the form below to apply for a ridden place at the clinic. Riders are selected by Belinda. If you are selected you will be sent further information and booking and payment details. If you are not selected you will be advised and placed on the waiting list in case a place becomes available.

Click here to apply to ride in Belinda’s Clinic

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