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Riding and being around horses are inherently dangerous activities. Horses are powerful, easily frightened, unpredictable animals and no riding horse is a completely safe horse, every riding environment contains elements which will frighten horses from time to time, and no environment which includes horses is a completely safe environment even for non-riders.

SERIOUS, PERMANENT BODILY INJURY, DISABILITY OR DEATH of yourself and persons accompanying you MAY RESULT from handling, riding or being in the vicinity of horses, and property belonging to you or others may be damaged as well.

Persons attempting to follow any suggestion from AMT Equestrian Services or any of their associates, in hand or ridden, does so at their own risk and assumes full responsibility for themselves, their horses, and any others in the vicinity. In utilising any of the methods, practices, etc. for horsemanship suggested by AMT Equestrian Services or any of their associates, there is no guarantee of success or safety for human or horse.