Rodrigo Matos

Rodrigo’s next clinic in WA will be on 27-29 September 2019.

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Rodrigo’s Background and Philosophy

For nineteen years, Rodrigo Matos was a Principle Rider with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and, during much of that time, he was a Senior Level Instructor at Morgado Lusitano. Rodrigo now travels throughout the year, giving clinics around the world, teaching horses of all breeds and riders of all levels, to work together in harmony.

Rodrigo Matos’ philosophy is that all communication with horses is built upon passion, love and respect. He strives for lightness in riding and, through his thoughtful instruction, tries to build harmony between horse and rider. Rodrigo does not want to rush the education of a horse, feeling that it is important to give the horse time to evolve at a comfortable pace.

“Having respect and love for horses means you need to allow time for the horse to evolve at his own pace in order that he can work with harmony, balance, lightness and impulsion. It is important to give horses the time for their minds to mature with confidence and their bodies to develop the strength and muscles. Don’t be tempted to train too fast, always respect the horse.”

Rodrigo respects and has an open mind towards the ideas of others because he feels that there are many different levels of horsemanship. He encourages his students to question him about his teaching methods because each horse is different and there are many ways to achieve the desired results.

“When you are ready and considering a move to a more advanced movement, we can work on that with different approaches. As each horse is different and some techniques work better than others, let us discover together which approach is best.”

Rodrigo is genuinely interested in helping his students learn. He is a somewhat quiet man who is most comfortable around horses. In his lessons, he demonstrates his complete focus on the horse and rider and the words he speaks for their instruction are always clear and meaningful.

More information about Rodrigo can be found on his website

What to expect from a Rodrigo Matos clinic

Rodrigo travels abroad many months per year to share his knowledge and to teach horses and riders to work in harmony. He has very broad experience teaching both horses and riders from the basic level up to Grand Prix. Riders of all levels are welcome to train with Rodrigo.

“I ask riders of the educational clinics that I host worldwide to bring whatever problem they may be having with their horse to the clinic and we can work together, the three of us, to bring the horse and rider into a more harmonious relationship.”

Rodrigo’s clinics consist of individual 1 hour lessons for each rider over the course of 3 days. Rodrigo teaches in-hand or ridden lessons.

Rodrigo Matos Clinic 27 – 29 September 2019 at AMT Equestrian Services, Gidgegannup, WA

Join us for a 3 Day Clinic with Rodrigo  in Western Australian.

The clinic structure is one-on-one lessons for 1 hour each day.

Individual 1 hour lessons are also available.

All levels of horses and disciplines are welcome. Participants can work under saddle or in-hand with Rodrigo.

The clinic fee is $550. Yards and accommodation options available.

Private lessons are $190 (limited places available).

For more information and to book a ridden place please contact or call 0413038232.

Click HERE to complete the application form to ride in Rodrigo’s clinic. 


Auditors are welcome during the clinic however please beware that Rodrigo will focus his attention on the riders.

The auditor fee is $35 per day or $85 for all 3 days.

Purchase your Auditor tickets here 

Email us at for more info and to book. 

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