Dagmar Klingenboeck

Dagmar’s next course in WA will be in June 2019.

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Dagmar’s Background and Philosophy

Animals have always been Dagmar’s most important companions, since she was little. Whenever she needed comforting she turned to them, and they always seemed to understand her, and she understood them.

To improve her skills and the wish to a better understanding between animals and humans led her to participate in several courses where she learned how to communicate systematically.

Since then, Dagmar has been able to acquire a lot of practical experience and tody she follows her passion and works full time as an Animal Communicator.

Her mission as an animal communicator fulfils her with a lot of love and satisfaction. She has been able to help a lot of animals and owners with their problems and it is a great pleasure to see how much improved quality of life becomes for animals and humans.

Why animal communication?

While the concept of animal communication (aka telepathy) might sound like a bunch of ‘woo woo’ to sceptics, anyone who has developed a close bond with horses knows that communication can happen ‘on another level’. In fact, true softness is a language that is difficult to explain using conventional horsemanship concepts.

Did you know that Tom Dorrance was known to often refer to a little book called “Kinship with all Life” by J. Allen Boone?

Example after example in this unique classic — from “Strongheart” the actor-dog to “Freddie” the fly — resounds with entertaining and inspiring proof that communication with animals is a wonderful, indisputable fact. All that is required is an attitude of openness, friendliness, humility, and a sense of humor to part the curtain and form bonds of real friendship.

After personal experiences with Dagmar’s ability to communicate with animals, AMT Equestrian host courses with Dagmar each year to help horse owners and animal lovers who are open to explore a new level of understanding with their animals.

What to expect from a Dagmar Klingenboeck course

Dagmar runs two day introductory courses to learn animal communication. In these concentrated courses, she guides participants through the techniques to open up and connect with animals and how to receive their messages. Participants rediscover their telepathic abilities and experience what it feels like to communicate without words.

If you have attended an introductory course, Dagmar also offers an advanced course. In this course, participants will deepen their communication with animals.

For more information about Dagmar’s courses and for bookings visit www.animalcommunication.com.au

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