Interview with Belinda Bolsenbroek

To Belinda, true horsemanship means a balanced, harmonious relationship between horse and rider, without insecurities or fear. The goal is to educate horse and rider along the path towards the ultimate goal of unity. Belinda teaches and works in an academic way, making sure riders truly understand the methods and ideas behind them. Belinda’s program is never rigid and adapts to the natural abilities of horse and rider.  

Belinda is an amazing mentor to us and a dear friend. In this interview Andrew speaks to Belinda about her approach to training horses and building a solid foundation.

Belinda covers the following topics 

[5:00] Belinda talks about the mentors who have influenced her horsemanship journey, including her parents, Bent Branderup and Dr. Gerd Heuschmann.

[9:10] Belinda discusses keeping horses sound for life and issues with modern training methods.

[13:23] Belinda emphasis the importance of being present and expressing gratitude for your horse and how this builds the relationship between horse and rider.

[15:00] Belinda answers the question of what advice she would you give to someone starting out in their horsemanship journey?

[18:30] Belinda answers the question about what she believes are the key attributes and qualities of a person that helps them to succeed in their horsemanship journey.

[21:27] Belinda explains what she looks for when educating young horses and the key things she focuses on in a horse’s early training.  

[26:28] Belinda talks about the old masters and what has happened to horsemanship and classical training in the modern world.

[31:00 and 34:00] Belinda comments on modern breeding practices and the loss of emphasis on the horse’s functional movement.

[36:55] Belinda explains why she uses a cavesson in all her early training of a horse.

[40:31] Belinda explains the importance of looking at the horse as a whole when working through any soundness issues and dysfunctions. 

[46:01] Belinda explains an exercise that she uses to assess the functional movement capability and possible restrictions in a horse when she sees a new horse for the first time.

[47:44] Belinda opens up about what has drawn her to working with horses.

[50:56] Belinda expresses how horses teach humans to be in the present moment.

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