About Us

We are constantly increasing our awareness and evolving.

We do this by finding mentors, trainers and clinicians around the world who resonate with our vision. Who have specialised knowledge in their field and are themselves growing and learning both with their horses and within themselves. 

We regularly reflect on our actions and way of being and consciously embrace change. As we know better we do better – by our horses, to ourselves and to each other.

A key to our success is that we apply what we learn. 

We spend hours and hours with our own and our client’s horses putting theory into practice and listening to the horses – who are ultimately the best teachers and the ones whose opinion matters to us.
On a practical level, we try our best every day to help horses get along better with humans and we help humans to become happier, kinder, more skilful and understanding with horses.

 "Awareness is the Greatest Agent for Change"

Eckhart Tolle

Andrew and Maike on their Wedding Day

Meet the Team

Andrew Turnbull

Horse Trainer and Coach

Andrew is a unique horseman and individual. He might look like a ‘cowboy’ but Andrew is far from traditional. Combining the art of horsemanship as pioneered by Tom Dorrance with modern science focusing on biomechanics and classical dressage taught by the 'old masters', Andrew is also influenced by traditional California Vaquero Horsemanship. Andrew works with an open heart, seeking that ultimate connection and feel between horse and human that lies beyond words. Andrew has a passion for Spanish horses, their incredible athleticism and intelligence. Andrew has a real passion for teaching and helping people. His patience and compassion for people who are willing to learn and work on themselves in order to help their horse makes people feel safe and understood.

Dr Maike Turnbull

Manager and Holistic Veterinarian

Maike is a veterinarian and lawyer passionate about animal health and welfare. Driven by her desire to connect with and understand horses on a deeper level, Maike has combined her scientific and academic training with exploring consciousness and holistic healing philosophies based in ancient traditions and modern quantum physics. This journey has taken Maike around the world to find mentors and explore holistic and integrative therapies. Maike completed her studies in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in 2020. Maike uses her skills to work with and help horses holistically, focusing on harmony, balance and prevention on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Maike also teaches horse owners about Equine First Aid. 

To learn with Maike visit:  www.equinefirstaid.com.au

Char Jones

Rider and Coach

Char has been a wonderful addition to the AMT team. She is “organiser extraordinaire” and is in charge of running our clinics throughout the year. Char also helps Andrew with riding and training the horses and especially enjoys working with the young horses who come to us for starting. Char has broad experience in the Equine Industry having worked with Dressage, Eventing, Show jumping, Polo and Racehorses over the years. She is passionate about training and working with horses in an ethical manner that focuses on their long-term health and soundness. Char is also an Equine Sports Massage Student and has a particular interest in rehabbing horses post injury. In her spare time, she enjoys the challenges of Working Equitation & has a keen interest in working with the Garrocha and training with Cattle.

Our Horses

Prestige HH

Lusitano Stallion

L-Katharine (Lilly)

Lusitano Mare 


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