Every Horse deserves to be understood

Support for your Journey

We can help you develop your partnership with your horse

Horsemanship Lessons

for all levels of riders and disciplines

Horse Welfare Conscious

Training with the Horse in mind

Horse Training

Starting under saddle, re-education and problem solving

Horsemanship Clinics


Immerse yourself in a supportive learning environment

Facility Hire

Ride in our purpose built equestrian facilities

Mechanical Cow practice

Come and work with our remote controlled mechanical cow

Clinic Hosting

We host world renowned horsemanship clinicians

Horsemanship Equipment

Purchase top quality imported products

Educational Workshops

Learn about equine first aid, biomechanics, holistic horse care and more

Welcome to AMT Equestrian Services

What we can help you with

Horsemanship Lessons

Horsemanship is the foundation to everything you do with your horse, to create a safe and harmonious partnership. We teach riders of all levels and disciplines.


Our horsemanship clinics provide the perfect alchemy of learning, support and fun. We teach regular clinics and host world-renowned clinicians several times a year.

Horse Training

Every behaviour that a horse displays has a reason and is a way that the horse is trying to communicate. Horse training to us is translating the horse’s communication.


We encourage a holistic approach to horsemanship and each year we host workshops and events about horse health, nutrition, biomechanics and complimentary therapies.

Biomechanics & Training Assessment

Many training and behavioral ‘problems’ in horses have a physical root cause. We can help you tailor your training and riding to benefit your horse.


We stock a range of high quality imported horsemanship equipment from around the world. We only sell items that we personally use and recommend.
A little about…

AMT Equestrian

AMT Equestrian is managed by Andrew and Maike Turnbull. Always searching for better and kinder ways to train, ride and manage their horses, Andrew and Maike have gone in search across the world to find trainers, clinicians and practitioners who resonate and teach true horsemanship.

AMT Equestrian always puts the horse’s welfare first and foremost and builds on the deep connection, trust, softness and feel that represents true mastery in horsemanship. In order to achieve true softness, horses must be sound, healthy and happy on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. All of these aspects are incorporated in AMT Equestrian’s approach, creating a powerful alchemy of holistic horsemanship.

“We believe that awareness is the greatest agent for change”

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DP Saddlery Agents

AMT Equestrian are agents for DP Saddlery for top quaility Baroque, English and Western equipment.

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Purchase top quality imported horsemanship equipment in our online Shop

Baroque Saddles

Want to try a top quality classical Baroque Saddle on your horse?

Holistic Products

We sell quality horse care products that we have tried and tested.

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