Fitting the pieces of your Horsemanship Journey

Many professionals will be pieces of the puzzle in your journey. We’re different. We help you fit the pieces of your horsemanship journey together. To find that picture of true softness and connection with your horse where all the pieces fit and horsemanship becomes a dance. Have you realised not everything you’ve learnt over the years is working for you and your Horse? Are you ready to look at your riding and relationship with your horse holistically – to see where you may have missing or broken pieces?

You want the best for your horse but you’ve come to realise there are no methods, disciplines, ideas or ‘experts’ that are right for every horse-human partnership, no matter how popular or fashionable they may be. You know that more is possible – and you’re willing to do what it takes to find it, learn it and live it. Knowledge is nothing if we don’t practice and apply it. If you’re ready and open to a more conscious and holistic approach to your horsemanship, we’d love to meet you.

Who We Are

Andrew and Maike Turnbull share a love and passion for helping horses get along better with people and helping horse owners to become more connected, skilful and understanding with horses to progress on their horsemanship journey. Each year they ride and train with world renowned horsemen and women and learn from other professionals to continuously build on their knowledge, skills and awareness.

What We Do

We help horse owners enjoy their horses and achieve their dreams. We help horses get along with and understand their human. We do this by taking horses in for training, offering individual lessons and clinics, coaching at clubs and hosting world renowned equine professionals in Australia. We provide a holistic approach to horsemanship with the whole horse in mind. We also offer opportunities to learn with us online from anywhere in the World.

What's Happening?

We have a number of events planned for the rest of 2020 and an action packed year ahead for 2021. Check out our Calendar and join our email list and Facebook page to stay up to date. Some of our planned events for 2021 include clinics with Belinda Bolsenbroek, Manolo Mendez, Steve Halfpenny, Sharon May-Davis and more. Andrew is also busy coaching Adult Riders, Working Equitation and cattle clinics.

"In order for your partnership with your horse to thrive, you both need to be healthy and happy on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level. All of these aspects are incorporated in our approach, creating a powerful alchemy of holistic horsemanship. 
Sometimes it's your horse that needs more help, sometimes it's You.
Often it's both."


Horse Training 

Young horse education, starting under saddle, re-education and advanced schooling. We can also help with injury rehabilitation.

Advanced Education

Want to train your horse to a high level of balance, finesse and advanced movements? We can help take your horse there.


Andrew coaches  classes for Adult Rider, Natural Horsemanship and Working Equitation Clubs including cattle clinics.

Lessons and Clinics

Individual, group lessons and clinics available Australia wide. Get in touch if you're keen to host us.

Online Learning

We are launching an exciting new online project in October 2020. Stay tuned...

Equipment Sales

We sell a range of top quality saddles, bosals, mecates (Hackamores) and horsemanship equipment.


Carol Dasey Horse Owner

I really enjoyed my lesson with Andrew. He is clearly a kind, knowledgeable and experienced horseman. I need help with my confidence in the saddle.

My lesson was in a calm environment and Andrew’s guidance and interaction was at the right level and pace for me and my horse. I feel more positive already and intend to have more lessons with AMT.

Emma Malloch Horse owner

What makes AMT Equestrian stand out is their ability to combine horsemanship, biomechanics of the horse and most importantly making sure the horse is in a good mental place. AMT has helped me learn more about how to read where my horse is at mentally and ensuring it is in a good, calm, willing place.

I'm just so grateful to have found you. I love that you are also drawing from other amazing horse trainers and are able to show that you too are always learning.

Jemma Moon Horse Owner & Competitor

I recently took my young horse to a horsemanship day. AMT were fantastic and I highly recommend. It was my horses first outing ever and the support and welcoming atmosphere was great for her and I. Such a well set up business, property and extremely knowledgeable team of people!

Cath McKeown Horse owner

I currently have a horse being trained under saddle at AMT . I visited AMT before I made my final decision to send my horse to AMT. I really like the way they work with the horses. The way they allow your horse to learn at his or her own pace. The horse is allowed to learn and feel comfortable before they move on no matter how long it takes. I like the way Andrew explains in detail exactly what he is doing with your horse and he likes you to come and be part of the training. I would like to reiterate that Andrew is extremely patient with your horse. He will give them the time it takes so they can be comfortable with their surroundings and learn the correct way. He will set them up for a lifetime of correct learning. Im very impressed with AMTs commitment to the horse's well being. I also like their honesty with the client. It may take longer then you first thought but AMT are working for the horse's well being.

Cathy & Apollo Horse Owner

Very proud to know Andrew and Maike Turnbull. Having attended several work shops with Andrew teaching and spent 6 days at Legacy of Legends sharing a house listening and watching both of them share their knowledge and journey.

I love their commitment to horses and riders each other and continued learning and personal growth. Horsemanship is not about a trick to get the horse to do whats wanted its about addressing what goes on between the human and the horse.

Supporting those who are able to ask the question in a safe non-judgemental relaxed environment. My horse and I are blossoming. Thank you guys cant wait to see what the future brings.

Steve Smith Horse Owner

As a relative novice to the horse world after many years away from horses I found myself the owner of an OTTB and in need of a support base.

Friends told me about AMT and how they have a refreshing approach to the training clinics they facilitate at their property. Since then I have attended three clinics at AMT and have thoroughly enjoyed them all but more importantly came away with some great learning outcomes. The vibe is relaxed and family like and Andrew and Maike are perfect hosts who really do everything they can to make you and your horses comfortable.

They have great ethics underpinning the choice of trainers they choose for their clinics. Plus they try to match your needs and style with the trainer they think will be best for you.

The facilities are great and the food awesome on group nights. If you are an experienced horse person or a novice AMT is a great place to go and learn good horsemanship.

Sarah Somers Horse owner

I have worked with AMT Equestrian for just over 2 years now and have taken several horses to them for training. I've also attended a number of clinics. My experience has been positive in every instance. The training is gentle and tailored to the individual horse.... there is no attitude of using one approach only and the horse has to fit in with it. Andrew is very honest in his assessment of the horse, the training and the best way to advance training based on that horse.

Natalie Boyer Horse Owner in Bali

I highly recommend Andrew and Maike, they are amazing people. I am very fortunate that I have had Andrew at my place in Bali two times to progress my partnership with my horses. Andrew’s manner in which he helps humans better understand horses is something that Andrew is exceptional at. I am so thankful for both Maike and Andrew’s support is my horsemanship journey. Thank you Maike and Andrew.

Cynthia Hooper owner of 3 horses, carer for a total of 9

I first experienced working with Andrew and AMT’s approach when I attended a horsemanship playground clinic. After that, I audited a clinic at AMT with John St Ryan, attended a young horse ground work day and participated in AMT’s 3 month online foundation program, which included a private lesson with Andrew.

The main factor influencing me to choose learning with AMT Equestrian is the integration of classical/bio-mechanical conditioning and equine psychology (gleaned and distilled from mentors in a wide range of disciplines) into an approach that helps me learn to dance with my horses.

Three benefits I have gained from working with the AMT team are 1) an awareness of how crucial it is to develop a horse with an integrated bio-mechanical and psychological approach; 2) how to integrate these two into every stage of training; 3) sage, supportive and insightful feedback. The thing I most appreciate about Andrew's teaching is his ability to communicate how to improve lightness, focus and confidence in me and my horses.

AMT Equestrian provides a comprehensive range of learning opportunities to advance you and your horse both physically and emotionally in a very supported way. Safety and the welfare of the horse are always the top priorities. The opportunities provided to access learning from world-renown master trainers and anatomists is also fantastic. I can recommend AMT Equestrian very highly! I am very happy with the range of clinics, services and Online learning AMT Equestrian offers. I love how proactive AMT is in developing new ways to support my learning.

Emma Malloch Horse owner

I would always recommend AMT for any lessons and horse training because the combination of Andrew and Maike is not something you will get anywhere else. AMT is putting all facets of horse training together and making sure the rider understands so that they build a fantastic relationship together. I think everything you are offering is fantastic. (A pony club would be amazing ????)

Helen Walker Horse Owner & Emmett Practitioner

Thanks Andrew and Maike for putting the 5-day challenge together and this video to address questions and flesh things out. I didn't watch live but have found it really interesting and instructive.

Love your horse-centred approach, which is balanced, kind and practical - teaching them and us in a gentle, clear manner.

I love 'reward the try' and 'do as little as possible and as much as necessary'. When I'm fully present, it's apparent that I'm 'better' and more attuned, so doing less is possible and more is given. Rocky is a fabulous co-creator and contributor in helping me learn our dance steps!

Kate Yates Horse Owner

Maike and Andrew are the most friendly,supportive, approachable team. I’m a beginner rider who has been welcomed into the horse community with open arms thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and resources.

Niki Cottingham Horse owner and Senior Animal Welfare compliance inspector

I have attended clinics and lessons and participated in AMT’s online Foundation Training Program. I love that the horse’s needs and health come first and AMT aim to produce long term sound horses.

I have learnt from AMT that it always takes the time it takes and shortcuts are at the detriment of the horse and the relationship.

No one else offers what AMT can and do in regards to training from Andrew and support from Maike’s vet knowledge. I like how Andrew explains things simply and in multiple ways if needed and can then demonstrate it as well. I also like that Andrew and Maike will tell the truth, for example if a horse is unsound. I can't recommend them enough.

Sarah Somers Horse owner


I love attending the various clinics which AMT organises. These are never overcrowded and you come away feeling you've made progress. I've been to many trainers over the years and am absolutely thankful to have met Maike & Andrew... I love AMT's individualist attitude towards training both horses and riders. We are NOT all the same and horses vary drastically in what they are able to handle during a training session (so do we humans!).

Emma Malloch Horse owner

I love that Andrew looks after the horse in all aspects by making sure the horse is calm and in a good mental place, is using its body correctly and is getting the foundations solid, all while teaching and including the rider so we understand and can continue with our horse.

Sarah Somers Horse owner

I have worked with AMT Equestrian for just over 2 years now and have taken several horses to them for training. I've also attended a number of clinics. There is never a forced approach to training and my horses are treated with respect and understanding. I've learned a much better approach to training. You develop a goal to interact with your horse in a partnership and never from dominance. This attitude has resulted in my relationship/bonding with my Arab mare over the past 2 years I've had her to be really special. It truly makes a huge difference! We have a very trusting relationship now and she is willing to give any new ventures a go - it's been a real eye opener.

Jodi Cant Horse Owner

Andrew has done an excellent job with my young colt. Patient and firm, just what he needed. Love the way these guys have built on their knowledge and skills with really good mentors.

Sarah Somers Horse owner

I have worked with AMT Equestrian for just over 2 years now and have taken several horses to them for training. Andrew is very honest in his assessment of the horse, the training and the best way to advance training based on that horse. I love Andrew's gentle, sensible approach to training and teaching. He is incredibly patient and I've never seen him react to any situation other than in a calm manner. This really assists in teaching and working with horses. If you want to entrust your horse to someone you know will always put the horse first, AMT Equestrian and Andrew won't let you down. Both you and your horse will benefit from his approach.

Dimmittee Walker Horse Owner

I attended a Horsemanship Development clinic, and it was absolutely amazing with what knowledge I came home with! Thank you Andrew and Maike for a wonderful day!

Terésa Schwaiger Horse Owner

I attended AMT's Cattle Working Clinic. It was a great confidence builder for my horse. Andrew was slow and methodical. We had a 50min discussion - then went straight into working with the cows. It was great to see Charmaine demonstrate & see in action as Andrew talked it through. We all got a chance helping the main rider block the cow when needed, cutting out the cow from the pen and individually working the cow up the fence line. The clinic catered for all levels of horse and rider confidence. It was a brilliant day - I'm looking forward to participating again. Great for building both horse & rider confidence in a controlled & safe way.

Emma and Jay Horse owner

I attended AMT's Cattle working day. I learnt how to watch a cow's movements to move it calmly around. I loved that Andrew focused on first making sure the horses were confident and then the focus was on moving the cows calmly by watching their movements rather than just chasing them around. A fantastic day to work with cattle in an effective and safe way for both the horse and the cows.

Clinic Hosting

Check out some of the Clinicians we're hosting in Western Australia in 2021

Interview with Belinda Bolsenbroek 

Belinda shares and explains

  • The mentors who have influenced her horsemanship journey
  • Keeping horses sound for life and issues with modern training methods.
  • Advice she would you give to someone starting out in their horsemanship journey
  • The key attributes and qualities of a person that helps them to succeed in their horsemanship journey.
  • What she looks for when educating young horses and the key things she focuses on in a horse’s early training.  
  • The old masters and what has happened to horsemanship and classical training in the modern world.
  • Modern breeding practices and the loss of emphasis on the horse’s functional movement.
  • Why she uses a cavesson in all her early training of a horse.
  • The importance of looking at the horse as a whole when working through any soundness issues and dysfunctions. 
  • An exercise that she uses to assess the functional movement capability and possible restrictions in a horse when she sees a new horse for the first time.
  • Belinda opens up about what has drawn her to working with horses and how horses teach humans to be in the present moment.